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  Draghound and Bloodhound Results

1 BH  unentered dog      Louigi – Coakham, Admiral  – Coakham, Merlin – Cranwell

2 DH unentered dog        Magnet – The Cheshire, Soldier – Berks and Bucks,                                                        Warrior – Berks and   Bucks

3 BH Entered dog            Indy       Coakham, Mayhem – Farmers, Viking –                                                            Readyfield

4 DH Entered dog            Kimble Berks and Bucks, Mustang – Berks and Bucks,                                                  Regiment – The Cheshire

5 BH  unentered bitch    Magic – Kent and Surrey, Bella – Isle of Wight, Minnie –                                               Cranfield

6 DH unentered bitch     Soda – Berks and Bucks, Wallett – Berks and Bucks,                                                        Watchfull – Berks and Bucks

7 BH  entered bitch         Comma – Isle of Wight, Debra – Coakham, Empress –                                                   Coakham

8 DH Entered Bitch          Pendant – SC&RMAS, Pippin – The Cheshire, Racket –                                                 Berks and Bucks

9 BH Couples                     Minor & Mallow – The Farmers, Hawkeye & Haniball –                                                Coakham,  Ketchup & Kipper – Coakham
10 DH Couples                  Sonar & Soundwave – Berks & Bucks, Pippin & Picture,                                               Cheshire, Mustard & Minster – Berks and Bucks


Bloodhound Champion:     Indy – Coakham, Reserve: Magic – Kent and Sussex


Draghound Champion:                       Magnet – The Cheshire  Reserve: Pendant – SC&RMAS


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Information and contact details for the leading packs of bloodhounds and draghounds around the British Isles  Many now have their own web sites, and the “Member ” page has links through to each hunt’s web sites where available.

All the hunts welcome visitors.

Drag hunting dates back to the early 1800s. It involves the pursuit of hounds following an artificial scent laid down by a runner or mounted rider.

Bloodhounds follow the ‘clean boot’, the scent of a human quarry.

Novice rider or professional, young or old – the traditional sports of draghunting and riding to bloodhounds are a great way to spend time with your horse!

  • optional jumps for all abilities
  • hunt built fences plus natural obstacles such as stone walls, hedges, ditches & farm fences
  • a unique opportunity to ride over beautiful and often privately owned country
  • foot followers always welcome
  • friendly and fun social scene

Our  packs will offer you great hunting and a warm welcome.