Masters of Draghounds & Bloodhounds Association Show
Peterborough Wednesday 20th July 2016
With the Peterborough Festival of Hunting Hound Show preliminary preparations well in hand, record entries have now been received for the Bloodhound classes with eight packs entering hounds.  Notable early interest includes increased numbers from the Isle of Wight (necessitating a 4.00am start), last Season’s debutants, the Highmoor, and a first time appearance by the Readyfield, well-known for their Leicestershire country, whose hounds will be shown by their Kennelman, George Brinkworth.  The unentered bitch class has the most interest with all eight packs making entries, but it has been the entered dog class which has provided the Champion in the last two years.

The Draghounds section, again, includes the Berks & Bucks, Cheshire Farmers and Staff College – Royal Military College, Sandhurst – the latter pack’s hounds will be shown by new huntsman, Luke Chatfield, formerly 1st Whip to the Old Surrey, Burstow & West Kent Hunt.  All three Hunts have taken their cue from the Berks & Bucks large entry last year and, with substantial entries particularly with the entered doghound class, drawing an entry of twenty three hounds.
Scottish Border Judge, Clive Richardson MFH, Jedforest, will be judging all classes.  Whether this will suit last year’s winning huntsman, Nick Wheeler, Coakham, who, on enquiring who the Judge was, still had to make up his mind on what hounds to draw.

Packs entering:

Bloodhounds              Draghounds
Coakham                    Berks & Bucks
Cranwell                    Cheshire Farmers
East Anglian              S C – RMC Sandhurst
Kent & Surrey
Isle of Wight

 Scheduled for classes to start from 12.00 noon,
We again hope for dry weather.
Advance tickets: £12.50, Gate price: £15.00, Children: free



Report Annual Show, 22nd  July 2015, Peterborough 

Our Annual Hound Show is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the Association’s year – Peter 2015 did not disappoint.  Phil Broughton, Association Chairman, speaking immediately following the Show at the AGM, congratulated all those involved with the Show and commented there was a record entry.  With appearances by new packs, and new packs poised to join the Association, standards continued to improve and general comment from spectators was fully supportive.

This year, with our show ring outside, it created a more natural environment, however the forecast weather worries materialised with cool weather, culminating in a couple of showers.  Our Judges, Edward Knowles, Waveney Harrier and former huntsman/master of the South Dorset, and Colin Ashmore, international hound judge and bloodhound winner at Crufts, had the usual 5 classes to work through, with unentered dogs, entered dogs, unentered bitches, entered bitches and couples.

          For the bloodhounds, with 5 packs forward – Coakham, East Anglian, The Farmers, Highmoor (new this year), Isle of Wight Farmers – attention always focuses on the two main breeding packs, Coakham and East Anglian, but the three other packs were well-represented in the ribbons.  The first winner of the afternoon in the unentered dog class was the East Anglian Darkness, a well-balanced hound with a good depth of stride and, from The Farmers, Ostler also did well.  However, in the entered dog class, which is always very competitive and this year with 18 entries, it was last year’s Champion, Coakham Invader, who again caught the Judges’ eye.  The Highmoor did exceptionally well to produce Rockford to come 2nd in this class.  Connor, in the unentered bitch class, repaid all the hopes and made the 3.30am start worthwhile for all the Isle of Wight supporters, by winning.  “Delightful” was the Judges’ opinion.  Showing the Coakhams depth of quality, Debra won the entered bitch class from 15 entries, with Isle of Wight Empress capturing second and litter sisters Coakham Honey and Humble, previous winners, well-built and working with enthusiasm, took the couples class.

Local bookmakers had shortened the odds on Invader retaining the Championship, which he duly obliged for Nick Wheeler, from Ashburnham, East Sussex.  Colin Ashmore commented after the class: “for showhounds, not only do they have to look fit for purpose but fit for function; coming here today to see proper working hounds, he wanted to see the breed standard and confirmation of the construction of the hound must come to the fore – this was a most important characteristic of the winner, Invader”.


        The Draghound classes were again fully represented by the Berks & Bucks, Cheshire and Sandhurst & RMA – all the 3 huntsmen know each other well.  The first class, the unentered dog class, although the Berks & Bucks had brought a large entry from their Lambourn base, it was David Harvey’s Cheshire Riddick, a blue-mottled hound who came out on top.  Again, the very competitive entered doghound class, produced a lot of interest with former champion Berks & Bucks Archer II beaten into second place by his kennel-mate Kimble, who had grown on into a very solid impressive hound.  Mark Beckett, Sandhurst & RMA, produced Gateshead 08 for third.  A big entry was quickly sorted out with Berks & Bucks Rattle taking the unentered bitch class, and Cheshire Stephanie taking second for David Harvey, coming back this season to hunt the pack.  Again, in the entered bitch, and also the couples, the Dumfriesshire breeding drew the Judges, within the bitch class Berks & Bucks Ariel and Arctic taking first and second places with Sandhurst Butterfly in third.  The couples class went to the incredibly attentive and well-matched Riddick and Ramsden for the Cheshire.

For the Championship, the Judges soon settled on Berks & Bucks Kimble to go one better this year and take the Championship for a very happy Andrew Clarke.  Edward Knowles commented “the hound was well-balanced and moved athletically across the ring”.  We subsequently learnt from Andrew Clarke that his hound had been reserve English Champion at Minchen Hound Show, South Wales, only beaten by the Mendip Farmers who traditionally have strong Beaufort blood lines.

In his closing thanks to the Judges, Phil Broughton thanked all 9 Huntsmen for their efforts in supporting the day and bringing hounds forward in such good order and to Roger and Fiona Clarke on their retirement.  Both have been a strong influential voice for bloodhunting having done so much to improve hound breeding nationally and provide sport in the Eastern Counties.



Bloodhounds:                           Huntsmen:

Coakham                                           Nick Wheeler

East Anglia                                        Roger Clarke/Heidi Critchlow

The Farmers                                       Brian Temple

Highmoor                                          Nigel Church

Isle of Wight Farmers                       Asa Wingate


Berks & Bucks                                 Andrew Clarke

Cheshire                                            David Harvey

Sandhurst & RMA                             Mark Beckett

mid surrey drag soe 15

Mid Surrey Farmers Draghounds winning Relay team at the South Of England Show June 2015